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A Moment in the Reeds

Hey! It’s Finnish!

It’s kinda… washed out? It looks like an HDR movie not being displayed as an HDR movie? I’ve got HDR switched off on the Apple TV, but… I guess… the Youtube app didn’t get the memo?

I’m still not sure whether this is supposed to look like this — all super-desaturated and with a lousy black level… but I bought it on the Blockbuster app, too, and it looks the same there.

So… either it’s supposed to look like this, or the filmmakers uploaded the wrong version of the film to everybody.

I guess?

At least it’s not cropped on the left/right like the movie I just watched on Itunes Movies.

It’s ridiculously beige.

And then it turns out that they’re both on Grindr!


It’s super awkward.


But funny. Very funny. The father’s priceless.

The general desaturation here gets even more extreme in the sauna scenes… so… perhaps… it’s an artistic choice?

I’m still guessing it’s a technical problem somewhere.

So much banding, too… pretty low framerate, I guess.

God I hate everything about streaming. Except the, you know, getting the movie immediately part. That part’s nice.

OK. That’s just what this movie is. There’s some really fun scenes, but there’s also a bunch of scenes that just seem like padding. Was this originally a short that was then expanded or something?

A Moment in the Reeds. Mikko Makela. 2017.

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