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Drive a Crooked Road

The films on this Columbia Noir bluray box set have been mostly… not that good? But nicely restored, at least. And this looks, I guess, like another one of those.

Eating angrily!

Oh, they’re ribbing Rooney for being a natural blond(e)!

It’s lust at first sight!

I haven’t seen many movies by the director, Richard Quine, I think, but the one I have seen — Paris When It Sizzles — was a hoot. And… this seems pretty cool so far. It’s an original way to set up a movie, and I’m not quite sure where it’s going? But I guess Rooney and that dame (Dianne Foster) are gonna hook up somehow.

Hey! I had some car problems the other day, but no mechanic made house calls for me! That’s so sexist!

I’m really enjoying this! It’s weird! She has some nefarious plan, but what! I mean beyond getting into Rooney’s pants, but that’s normal!

I guess the most likely plot is that she needs a fall guy of some kind… or a driver for doing a heist? Both?

Now that’s a horny car mechanic!

I think the moral here is… never trust a man that can cook!

This movie has so many little great touches — like that awfully drunk woman butting into The Scheme.

Kevin McCarthy is so evil!

OK, this scene could have been really exciting if they’d had a bigger budget… I mean, it’s a B movie, and they’ve kept to a couple of smaller locations, but the movie looks great — it hasn’t been really obvious how small the budget must have been until we get to scenes like this.

It’s a simple, small movie — but it’s done so well. I totally enjoyed this, and I had no idea that Rooney could act this well.

Drive a Crooked Road . Richard Quine. 1954.

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