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Anyway, this movie has been released in several versions, and I’m watching the three hour DVD version:

While the studio insisted the film’s running time could not exceed 150 minutes, Lonergan’s preferred version was closer to three hours. Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker contributed to editing a 165-minute version that Lonergan approved; the cut was never released because producer Gary Gilbert refused to approve it. Eventually, Fox Searchlight Pictures released the 150-minute film in a limited release in the United States on September 30, 2011, to moderately positive reviews from critics.

Hey! Anna Paquin! I like her…

Oops. This guy… not a fan. Whatsisname… er… Batfleck? No… Matt Damon!

Basic instinct.

This starts very strong, and not how you’d expect at all.

And I have no idea why I bought this movie — somebody must have recommended it, or something? But as usual, I have no recollection of why I bought it.

You know, I’m not sure about this movie. On the one hand, there’s interesting stuff going on — and on the other hand, there’s scenes like this that are supposed to be … knowing? in a way? and instead it comes off as clichéd.

I mean, clichéd in that it’s a middle-aged director doing a movie about teenagers getting laid.

And I’m guessing Lonergan was a huge nerd, so it’s like a Mary Sue on his part.

Checks out.

Hey, it’s that guy…


Yeah. that guy.

I’m enjoying this movie, but I can understand why the producers wanted to edit it down… All the scenes are interesting and stuff, but some scenes, like discussing Shakespeare, might not be … vital? But I like it — it’s a very unusual movie for a 2011 movie: It’s more like a 70s movie, but with better hair and less sweat.

Oh my god, I want to live there.

OK, into Mary Sue territory again — Mary Paquin’s character (who’s like 18?) is totally hot for her middle-aged teacher.

Checks out.

OK, there’s wobbly parts in this, but it’s a really original, interesting and affecting movie.

And it totally bombed.

Margaret. Kenneth Lonergan. 2011.

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