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Drive-Away Dolls

Oh, right, this is by Ethan Coen without his brother. I was just going to write “this doesn’t really seem like a Coen brothers movie” and I was right?

Anyway, I’m probably the only person in the world who think they’re overrated? I like most of their movies fine, but I don’t quite understand the adulation. But I guess they’ve got a kinda oldee tymey auteur thing going that’s attractive.

It’s a confusing movie so far? They’ve got the repartee going on like it’s a 30s screwball comedy, which I love, but then they have these scenes of intense violence that’s just a total turn-off. It’s giving me whiplash.

And also the wonderful wonderful sets… but with these CGI things imposed here and there? It’s visually distressing.

Hey, this reminds me of what I was reading earlier today…

Paris Review.


This movie looks good, and it’s got some great performances. And it has a fun fluffy comedy plot like they used to do back in the 90s. And this was apparently written a quarter century ago? But it’s just tonally veering from So Much Fun to Eep all the time…

I kinda feel guilty for not loving this movie.

Drive-Away Dolls. Ethan Coen. 2024.

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