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Mädchen in Uniform

The name of this movie is really familiar — it has to be a major classic or something? But I bought this bluray pretty much at random, and I have no idea what this movie even is.

I assumed that the uniforms in question were military uniforms, but they’re school uniforms instead?

This has to be one of the earliest German talkies, I guess? 1931?


The cinematography is somewhat inconsistent? Some scenes have shots that are totally blown out, and other scenes look meticulous.

That’s my nightmare! Tender scalp.

It’s a fun movie in many ways — it seems to unsentimental and … abrupt? … which seems so unusual for its time. And, of course, everybody on screen being women (and kinda lesbian).

I think my problem with the movie is in how little character the characters have. Well, most of them — Ilse has lots of character, but the rest of them are sort of a melange.

Not even the play within the play really gets things going. There really isn’t much of a plot here, is there? (Not that there’s anything wrong with not having a plot.)

Heh heh:

The film was almost banned in the U.S., but Eleanor Roosevelt spoke highly of the film, resulting in the film getting a limited release in the US in 1932–33.

The last fifteen minutes of this is amazing — it’s unexpected, and really emotionally affecting. The rest of the movie is… It’s OK? It’s interesting and everything, but doesn’t quite fire on all cylinders.

Mädchen in Uniform. Leontine Sagan. 1931.

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