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Sebastiane: A Work in Progress

Box sets from the BFI (the British Film Institute) are pretty interesting — that is, they have access to a lot of odds and ends that even outfits like Criterion don’t. For one, they have their own archives, where a lot of British film stuff has been deposited. And they also have access to the BBC archives, where there’s a lot of stuff, too.

So you get stuff like this: It’s an incomplete alternate edit of the Sebastiane film — in black and white and 16mm.

They’re releasing bluray box sets — so why not include stuff like this? There’s more than enough space on the discs, I’m guessing they’re thinking.

But… it’s not really that interesting, is it? The differences between this cut and the released cut isn’t … huge. The scenes are in a different order, but they aren’t really more compelling in this version than they are in the other version.

So I didn’t really watch this all the way through.

Sebastiane. Derek Jarman. 1975.

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