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Unnuap Taarnerpaaffiani

Yes, that’s how to make your store cosy.

First you put the gun on the wall…

… then you distribute some pillows.

Oh, yeah, about this DVD:

But then I forgot to watch the other movie! Which I’m doing now.

Man, I’d forgotten how weird Greenlandish sounds… it’s like nothing else phonetically. Phonemically? It’s fascinating. Especially with the occasional Danish words inserted at random.

But… hm… Qaqqat alanngui had nerve from the start, and entertaining performances. This one starts off more ambiguously — it is a comedy? Is it a drama? Or are we gonna get some horror already?

(But kudos for the subtle camouflage shirt.)

It’s horror!

That’s the scary horror house!

Gotta have them shovels.

Having somebody yawn this much in a movie isn’t a good idea. That stuff is contagious!

Well, that’s scary.

But, nope, this movie just isn’t as compelling as the previous one. I mean, they’re both no budget tiny horror movies, but this one is mostly the two guys sitting around and then something mysterious happens once in a while. It’s just not that entertaining.

There’s original bits in here — like the thing with the rope? That pulled the guy into the Scary Basement? That was pretty cool (and properly nightmarish). But… on the whole, it’s not as much fun as the previous movie.

And I know, this is a no budget movie, made for fun, presumably, so it doesn’t feel fair to throw a die on this thing. But I’m going to, anyway, because I’m not fair.

There were several scenes I think worked well (by that I mean, they were scary), but overall:

Unnuap Taarnerpaaffiani. Malik Kleist. 2014.

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