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Jack Reacher

I haven’t seen this (and just one of the Mission Impossible movies), because eh whatevs. But I thought the first season of the Reacher TV series was a lot of fun (and the second was awful), so what the hey.

Yeah, that’s a bad guy, alright.

This starts in a pretty intriguing way?

But then grinds to a complete halt.

Hey! That’s not Thad! We want Thad!

Hey! Did they hire only puny actors, or is Cruise standing on a milk crate this entire movie?

Hey! Cruise is pretty good at doing this guy… He’s got the Thadness.

Man, this is boring. The first five minutes were interesting, and now there’s been over 20 minutes of really dull infodumping.

Fight! Fight!

This is almost like an episode or two of a New Era Of Quality TV series — it feels strangely padded.


Well, OK, this has some really inventive action scenes.

Hey, it’s that guy.

I enjoy hypercompetence porn as much as the next person, and those scenes were fun. But oh so many dull moments in between. It could easily have been 30 minutes shorter without dropping any plot elements, really.

Jack Reacher. Christopher McQuarrie. 2012.

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