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Blue in the Face

So, this is the companion movie to Smoke — I saw both of these when they were released, but I don’t remember at all what this is all about.

This little box set was released by Arthaus — a German distributor. (But the soundtrack and stuff is in the original English.) When I was looking for these movies, this seemed to be the only bluray option — which makes me wonder: Are Miramax movies just verboten in the US these days? Because of the Weinstein thing? But Miramax was perhaps the most important US indie thing back in the 90s, so it’s a shame that their catalogue is … er… mostly forgotten now? Perhaps it’s because Disney bought them, though?


Roseanne! Is this just a bunch of adlibs done on the sets of Smoke? With famous people doing cameos?

John Lurie!

Jim Jarmusch!

Is that… Lily Tomlin!?

This movie is just so random… but so amiable.

Oh, I had forgotten that Lou Reed is in this.

That’s whatsisface? Er… uhm… Oh, Michael J Fox.

This movie is amusing throughout — I smiled the entire time — but it does dip in interest depending on who’s doing a little story. Like, Jim Jarmusch was great — they could have done an hour of him just talking — but some of the other people sounded a bit, er, like they’d rehearsed an anecdote for a talk show? I mean, not a lot of those, but a couple.

Yes, it’s Madonna!

Yes, it’s RuPaul!

Half a meter taller than all the other actors!

They’re short in Brooklyn, I guess.

Anyway, this is a really enjoyable lark of a movie — it’s really charming. I can totally see how people would get a bit impatient with it, but I loved it.

Blue in the Face. Paul Auster, Wayne Wang, Harvey Wang. 1995.

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