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The Others

I bought a bunch of movies from Criterion (kinda at random), so I thought it was time I started watching some of them.

Very mysterious!

I’m not sure whether this is a horror movie? Or more of a psycho thriller kind of thing?

Terrific performances all around, and it looks great. It’s just that I’m not really that fond of those “is she insane, or are somebody trying to drive her insane, or ARE THERE GHOSTS!!!!” stories? I’m sitting here and going GET ON WITH IT which is totally the wrong approach and not the movie’s fault at all.

See? Looks awesome.

This movie makes a lot of interesting choices, like making the Kidman character (who is the protagonist) absolutely insufferable — a religious fanatic, somewhat sadistic, stupid almost beyond belief…

But everybody else (including half the children) are evil or ineffective, so it evens out?

OK, if you haven’t seen this movie before, and there’s a chance you will, stop reading now.

I’ll leave you with this gif, but close this tab now!

Are they gone?

Wow, I didn’t see that coming at all! He out-Shyamalaned Shyamalan!

I’m in total awe of that ending, really.

But even so, the first 90 minutes were not fun? But like I said, that might just be me, because I don’t really enjoy the sort of movie er I thought this was, and just because it turned out to be something else, that doesn’t make it more enjoyable. For me.

But it’s certainly well-made.

The Others. Alejandro Amenábar. 2001.

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