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Primary Colors

I’m fed up with choosing movie myself, so I thought I’d find somebody else to do it for me. So I chose… Queerty!

So now I’m gonna watch all the movies they talk about for, like, a year. Streaming! It’s a concept!

Let’s see how that goes… I’m already pretty annoyed by the Apple TV.

Is that really John Travolta!? He’s s Clinton; he’s perfect.

Wow! Emma Thompson’s attempt at speaking American is horrifying!

Mike Nichols is not my favourite director. He’s so… normal. I’m guessing he’s got twenty five Oscars?

No! Just one!

I sit corrected.

This is so corny.

I mean, I get the charm of movies like this… giving you a view into “how it really is”. (This is about Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign.) It’s well made — it’s very 70s, but with people’s faces powdered instead of shiny (the latter is, of course, the foremost marker of 70s cinema).

It’s all about matte vs shiny.

It’s very neutral. I mean, as a movie — the cinematography and the performances.

Now things got more entertaining!

This movie makes me so nostalgic for the 90s. When you could make movies like this — about politicians being basically decent.

Oops. I guess we’re in the third act now, where things to all dramatic.


I hate that. I don’t think anything has been more destructive for film than the idea of the three act structure.

This is bizarre. Nichols is saying that … New York is just radical loons because… they want… “$ for AIDS research”…

I guess that’s the moderate position. And I guess Nichols is very “moderate”.

I hope this isn’t representative of Queerty’s taste level… because… this just isn’t that interesting. I mean, it’s not a bad movie in any way — but it’s so…


Primary Colors. Mike Nichols. 1998.

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