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Conte d’Hiver

I watched this on the plane to New York, and I’m kinda just testing whether the screenshotting thing works on this laptop with this post. (I’m typing this later, though.)

I’ve sort of made it a ritual to watch a Rohmer film when on long flights. They seem so well-suited for slightly distracted watching (with the flight stewards interrupting every three minutes).

As usual with Rohmer, it’s a very pretty film, but unusually, it has a kind of “high concept” kind of plot — a woman meets the love of her life while on holiday, but then gives him the wrong address by mistake, so they can’t find each other afterwards. So the question is: Should she settle for other lovers, or hold out for that guy?

Not that guy! Don’t settle! Don’t!!!

*sniff* It’s really good.

Conte d’Hiver. Éric Rohmer. 1992.

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