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Single All The Way

That’s no enough plants!

Noooo! Not the cute dog!

So I guess this script has been generated from Netflix user polls? “Do you like: 1) Dogs”


The aesthetics of this is just offensive. It’s “Netflix gave us almost no money but we have to shoot this thing anyway” aesthetics.

It’s so weird how all the actors here remind me of… somebody more famous. So this isn’t Stellan.

And this isn’t that guy from those shows.

(I could be more erudite, but I’m so drnk.)

Or is it that guy?!?!


I can’t be?!

But that’s her!! Isn’t it? Yes it is! Veronica’s Closet!

And that guy is the guy! From… Ugly Betty? IMDB agrees with me.

Perhaps all of them are what they seem.

And they’re all from sitcoms from 20 years ago!

This is quite amusing.

What! It’s her! Isn’t it?

From 2 Broke Girls!


This movie has all of the sitcom actors!

But this is fun. It’s got serious pacing issues, though.

This is so cute.

It’s very modern. The precariat and all.

This is really cute. And I love all the actors. And it’s really cute. Did I mention that it’s really cute?

But it’s got bits that just aren’t that exciting? I feel terrible writing this, because I love every individual scene. I’m just not loving the aggregate.

Single All The Way. Michael Mayer. 2021.

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