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The Anniversary Party

So — Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming directs and stars in this movie… and it starts with ten minutes of them being all athletic and stuff. It’s a bit… er… it’s a choice?

This is pretty odd — it’s like one of those … psychological drama thingies? Think Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf via 70s Cassavetes (no Altman)… but… in 2001? It’s a movie out of time.

OK, I’m getting into it now. Jennifer Jason Leigh is brilliant here.

OK, this bit is kinda embarrassing. I mean, it’s meant to be, but it’s still a bit… you know.

And then they all dropped acid! I mean, Ecstasy, but they’re kinda behaving like they dropped acid.

So I guess there’s gonna be some tragedy, too? You can’t have people doing drugs without people dying, I think.

It’s a frustrating movie. There’s brilliant scenes in here, and then there’s… the Too Much Drama scenes. I mean, the scenes themselves aren’t particularly predictable or anything, but they happen when you’d predict they would.

The Anniversary Party. Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming. 2001.

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