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Hotel a la Swing

This short was included on the Swing Time DVD… it’s really funny so far.

This is super corny and very amusing. The production values seem to be a lot higher than usual for this kind of thing.

This is (as usual) just an excuse to string some musical numbers together… and the cinematography is a bit… wonky? But man, these number are poppin! I can’t take my eyes off of the screen.

Mack has done a gazillion of things, and it pretty much looks like all of them are shorts? So this was his thing.

Now, OK, this isn’t a cinematic masterpiece, but for its genre (“stringing together vaudeville acts into a b movie”), it’s absolutely perfect — I’ve never seen anything as good as this in that genre. There’s not a millisecond of time wasted: It’s all zingers (some of them good) and singing and dancing (some of it excellent).

It’s some kind of genius, so:

Hotel a la Swing. Roy Mack. 1937.

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