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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Alexander Witt. 2004.

So futuristic!

This is kinda odd? Is this supposed to be a… light-hearted take on the Resident Evil thing? It seems like they’re going for a comedy thing?

What the fuck is this even? I mean, it’s not so much “what’s going on?” but more “why should we care?”

The choices made here make no sense at any level: Every scene is just really boring? And awkwardly filmed? It’s like a Z movie with a higher budget? WHAT HAPPENED

Oh right.

Every scene so far has been oddly paced and without any tension.

Oh, and the reduced frame rate action stuff? That looked really janky even in 2004.

This movie looks more expensive than the previous one. And not just 30% more expensive (which it was), but a lot more.

Yeah, they’re stepping up the humour thing, and it’s really… insulting.

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