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The Beaver Trilogy Part IV

Oops. This is a documentary? Or a … mockumentary? Uhm… I’m not a fan of either genre, but I hope it’s a mockumentary…

Looks like it’s a documentary?

Darn! I was gonna skip all and any documentaries suggested by Queerty.

Now I want to see the original film (that this is a documentary about). It looks really interesting.

OK, now I’m back to this being a mockumentary.

I still have no idea whether anything in this movie is “real”. I mean… an actor called Crispin Glover? It just seems unlikely.

I still don’t know whether this is a parody of documentaries or not — if it’s not, it’s a… documentary…, and if it is, it’s still not funny?

The final scene’s pretty good.

But I’m gonna give Rubin and Ed a go. With this “Crispin Glover”.

The Beaver Trilogy Part IV. Brad Besser. 2015.

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