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Rubin & Ed

Now, how did I come to get this movie? Hm… Oh, right, I watched The Beaver Trilogy Part IV, and Crispin Glover was in that movie. And the director of this movie directed The Beaver Trilogy. (Not Part IV.) And I think this film was mentioned? So I had to see it, and now I am!

Mystery solved.

This is where Wes Anderson got his entire style from. This one scene.

Anyway, this is a low budget indie movie, I guess? But it’s really stylish, and it’s not as odd as you might think looking at these pictures. It’s about a strange boy (played by Glover) and a multi level salesman in training meeting up by accident, and I’m guessing hilarity will ensue.

It’s really charming so far, but not actually… “ha ha” funny.

See? Wes Anderson.

It’s really well filmed. The shots feel very thoughtful.


This is just a really enjoyable movie. Films like this have a tendency to start out strong, establishing the milieu of the movie, and then often start flailing around. This one doesn’t put a foot wrong at any point — it’s consistently amusing, and doesn’t overstay its welcome.

And the cinematography is fantastic.

It’s the only movie I’ve seen on Rottentomatoes that just has a single review.

Oh, I’ve gotta see that.

Yeah, he’s totally appearing in the costume for Rubin & Ed — and this is in 1987, doing publicity for River’s Edge. It took four years to get financing?

Wow. This is amazing. Letterman was pissed!

Anyway, really enjoyable quirky little movie.

Rubin & Ed. Trent Harris. 1991.

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