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5 Against the House

This is another movie from the Columbia Noir #1 box set from Indicator. The previous three movies have been somewhat hit or miss…

… and this looks pretty odd. I mean, it looks kinda like a TV episode in the way it’s introduced?

I can understand why the cop is sceptical — how students are 33 years old anyway?

Here are all the students.

Oh right:

The four would-be robbers are clearly all in their 30s yet are in college. This is NOT a case of miscasting but the men are supposed to be veterans going to school on the GI Bill…and during the 1940s and 50s, many older and non-traditional students existed.

I’ll say!

I’m not quite sure what this movie is doing on a Film Noir box set — it’s a comedy that I assume is going to turn into a heist movie at some point?

And now Kim Novak sings a little song.

This movie is all over the place.

OK, now the movie took a sudden turn into noirish territory, and it’s actually starting to get kinda exciting. And we’re only 62 minutes in! So… er… 22 minutes to go.

Man, the first hour of this movie was Snoozeville, Population Me.

Nice beard.

OK, the actual heist plot is so stupid that it’s hard to keep paying attention.

OK, this bit in the automated garage is cool.

Wow, that was really stupid.

For a few minutes I thought this was at least a movie, but nope.

5 Against the House. Phil Karlson. 1955.

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