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So this is the second film in a series or something? It’s the first one in this box set. I should probably read these liner notes, but I never do that before watching a movie.

I’ve bought more than a few box sets over the past couple of years, but I haven’t watched any of them, because it… like… never seems to be… urgent? But I thought I should start, so here I’m attacking the 70s Rivette box set. It’s just three films, though.

That veil fashion should return, I think.

I wonder whether this is an improvised movie, like some of Rivette’s previous movies. The dialogue seems too comprehensive, but on the other hand, these are French actors.

But that’s… one of the women from Celine and Julie Go Boating, isn’t it?

Yeah, this has to be improvised… so like with Out 1, it’s probably not going anywhere, but it’s intriguing.

This is a thriller/spy story kind of thing — also like Out 1 — which lends itself naturally to people saying mysterious things to one another.


That’s just how I sit! I feel seen!

It’s a hotel room with a wash basin and a bidet? Nice.

I don’t know… this one isn’t as riveting as the boat one. I mean, the goddess thing is fun and all, and the mysteries are quite mysterious… but that film was compelling in part because of the characters. And that seems a bit lacking here.

Huh, unusual way to arrange to have a light on the stairs… a kinda bulgy outgrowth of the landing into the stairwell.

The last half of this movie is fabulous. The first half is meandering in a way that’s pleasing, but not totally riveting. So:

Duelle. Jacques Rivette. 1976.

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