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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hang on. Haven’t I’ve seen this movie before? Oh well. I remember nothing about it, except… no, I remember nothing.



It’s Gollum!

Man, this movie is such a mess. It’s super high stakes, but the individual scenes are so low stakes. It’s just plodding along.

Oh yeah! This scene! It’s so cool.

Bryan Singer is such an odd director. Some scenes are “yay whoo” and other scenes are “zzz”. It’s like he was only interested in certain scenes and then the rest are just… there…

It doesn’t make for thrilling viewing.

Perhaps he was (allegedly) off the set molesting somebody during the boring scenes?

That wig is kinda… bad? Makes Tyrion Lannister’s head look really big.

This is part of the Queery movie series, and their defence of this movie is kinda… er… It’s not as exploitative as Woody Allen movies? That’s a take.

But this just isn’t a good movie. There’s scenes that are really fun to watch, but it just doesn’t work as a whole.

Such lab. That’s how all labs I’ve been in look like! No lights in the ceiling and something bubbling off in the corner. It’s like I’m back at CERN!

Man, this is brutally tedious.

Anyway, there’s bits here that are totally “whoooo”, but it’s mostly just boring.

X-Men: Days of Future Past. Bryan Singer. 2014.

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