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The Bubble

They’re trying to establish character by having him be snotty towards a kid asking for Britney… and he’s telling her to listen to The Rolling Stones instead… to widen her perspective?

Just how oldes is Eytan Fox anyway? Is he like ancient? Or perhaps he just has not taste in music?

But the background music to the scene was Le Tigre? So he’s got a great person doing the soundtrack?

But this is pretty good. It’s like a proper romantic comedy. But I fear the worst: There’s gonna be a third act where at least one of them dies.

I’m really enjoying this movie. It’s fun and fresh. I can’t stop smiling.

Oh! Now I know who they’re gonna kill off in the third act: The really gay roommate.


Sometimes I think my cynicism about movies is a bit over the top — I mean, I get annoyed at movies before the annoying thing even happens.

So I was totally wrong about the gayest guy dying in the last act. Instead it was the other two gay guys (and a sister, too).



But seriously. The three act structure is the worst thing that has happened to movies ever.

Heh heh:

The Bubble 2006 – Was really great until the very end then it goes off the rails. Not just me either, pretty much everyone and their mum hates the stupid ending.

The Bubble. Eytan Fox. 2006.

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