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Aaargh! How annoying. They’ve trimmed down the left/right edges to get it into 16:9 format (it’s 1.88:1 originally).

The ignominy!

The colours are really 70s — or as it’s called, US 80s Suburban, I guess.

Anyway, this is most amusing.

The casting is pretty odd. There’s several of the actors that are of the same kinda general type, and when they’re not both on the screen at the same time, I keep forgetting they’re not the same person. But perhaps that’s done on purpose.

I was all aboard for the first hour — it’s very, very amusing, and rolls along in a perfect way. It’s a Nouveau Screwball movie, with perfect 30s pacing and stuff.

But when we get to the dreaded third act, and the guilty part starts getting revealed, we just go into total Plot Recap Mode. And they try to make it ridiculous and funny, but instead I’m just sitting here thinking “surely they can’t mean to actually recap the entire movie” but then they do.

OK, then it gets more amusing again. But still not actually good.

Clue. Jonathan Lynn. 1985.

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