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Twilight’s Kiss

Ah! Doily TV! I thought that was a Eastern European phenomenon.

I guess this movie is set before Grindr.

But I jest! I’m all in here. I love the cinematography, and the pacing seems perfect, and it seems just kinda quite riveting.

I guess it’s something I picked up from watching Chantal Akerman’s movies: There’s something magical about hallways and doors in movies. Whenever there’s a hallway in a movie, I just pay more attention.

This is so lovely! And gorgeous.

I’m dreading a third act where everything is going to become all complicated and at least one of the codgers are gonna die, because that’s what always happens in the third act.

I can’t stop smiling while watching this movie. I mean, even in the heart-breaking parts of this movie.

I’ve been kinda disappointed by this Queerty movie series… I mean, I hate choosing moving to watch — left to my own devices, I’d only watch sci-fi movies, Nouvelle Vague movies and screwball comedies, so I come up with these “projects” to make myself watch other stuff. And the Queerty selections haven’t been bad, by any means, but they’ve been very normie.

But this is a great movie. And I wouldn’t have watched it left to my own devices.

What… the fuck? Is this gonna have a christian ending? NOOOO

People from Hong Kong are weird.

Yeah, I suspected the ending was going to suck, and it did. But the rest of the movie was great.

Pro top: Just stop watching seven minutes before the movie ends.

Twilight’s Kiss. Ray Yeung. 2019.

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