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Man, the bitrate here is ridiculously low. It’s like less than 2Mbps? So there’s banding de luxe.

Hey, this is properly scary. I think I saw this at the time, but I don’t remember it being this spooky. It’s like a proper horror movie.

This is so scary! It’s a lot of jump scares (all the mirrors don’t help), but it’s got a real intense atmosphere. I had almost forgotten that horror movies could be this scary — horror movies these days is just people being tortured, and that’s a whole nother thing.

This movie’s really unrealistic. I mean… Virginia Madsen married to this guy?

I’m joking because I’m totally ascared of this movie.

I loved the first two thirds of this — I haven’t been this scared watching a movie since I watched Love, Actually.

The last third, though, was a let-down. There was some good stuff, but it was mainly just kinda… sad… I mean, melancholic. I liked that it went kinda insane, but it could have gone even more insane?

So I’d give the first two thirds a and the last third a , so:

Candyman. Bernard Rose. 1992.

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