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Flesh for Frankenstein

I’m streaming these movies in this blog series because… I want to experience the pain people experience when trying to watch movies.

So this is from Youtube… from a VHS tape, apparently?

I’ve never seen any of Paul Morrissey’s movies for Andy Warhol… but I thought it was gonna be a lot weirder than this?

This (so far) looks like a totally normal mid-70s horror movie? A sort of mid-Europe kind of thing? There used to be a lot of them around.

OK… now it’s… not… so typical.

This is quite amusing.


Oh yeah, this was part of the 70s gore thing? I’ve seen virtually none of those movies, because… Well, I used to love horror movies, but none of the 70s gore movies were available at the time… and then I lost interest in horror, so it never happened.

Did I kvetch about Youtube Premium yet? I signed up because I wanted to be able to buy movies and stuff… but… there’s no way to actually search for movies to buy! If you search for “avengers” you get this:

I.e., a hodge podge of normal youtube content and movies. And in that search one of the movies actually landed first, which is unusual…

It’s like Google hates their customers.

This is the weirdest sex scene ever. She’s giving the area close to his arm pits a blow job?

Heh heh.

Flesh for Frankenstein. Paul Morrissey. 1973.

This post is part of the Queer Cinema blog series.

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