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Now that’s All American.

That’s Cab Calloway, so I guess this is a B movie vehicle for him. The music’s great, but the acting… oy vey…

So I hope the rest of the movies is just musical numbers and no plot.

Heh heh:

The plot races by in the first 40 minutes, and after that we get a series of musical numbers. That’s pretty much the formula for all early musicals with the only variation being whether the musical extravaganza comes before, after or in the middle of the story. In this case it was at the end, and I actually enjoyed that format. It was as if the filmmakers were telling us, “OK now that the silly plot is out of the way, here’s what you really came here for.”

I like how these sets have no ceilings.

I’ve seen one of Josh Binney’s movies before, and that was also pretty … marginal? This one is better, but the actors are really astoundingly bad here, too.

I’m digging this.

I like the tunes, but this is barely a movie at all.

Hi-De-Ho. Josh Binney. 1947.

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