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Oh hi there! I’ve been a fan of July since… er… for a while? I didn’t discover her until late. But she’s pure genius and this is… so July.

So this is totally amazing… it’s a story about a family of very low level grifters…

But how old is she supposed to be? It’s an American movie, so she might be supposed to be er 15 to er mid 30s (I’m guessing the actor’s actual age)? It’s so confusing!

Manhattan! I remember that! From the Before Times.

That was a beautiful scene.

But then the movie leans in, really heavily, to cringe humour, and I hate that.

So much.

It’s like it lost faith in itself and went for the easiest way out possible. I’m super disappointed after the first hour, which is really pure genius. It feels compromised somehow — like it lost faith in itself.

The final scene is lovely, though.

Kajillionaire. Miranda July. 2020.

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