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The Girls

Flickorna. Mai Zetterling. 1968. ⚅

*gasp* This has like all my favourite actors:

This is gonna be brilliant!

[the end]

OK OK OK, the plot here is very simple: A theatre troupe puts in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata in the districts, and the play and reality meld together kinda.

But wow! This is brilliant! It’s like post-Nouvelle Vague, post-realism, post-Bergman, post-everything: It’s totally new! Amazeballs!

I was riveted to the sofa the entire time! It’s like so weird — I’ve seen nothing like it (but I mean, there are obviously parallels to French and British late-60s cinema).

It’s gorgeously shot and strangely lit: It shifts between kinda semi-natural lighting to over-exposure-lighting in a hypnotic way. (I was wondering whether Zetterling was using infrared film at one point but I think not?)

Andersson, Andersson and Lindblom are totally amazing here — it’s just one iconic shot after another.

But I mean, it’s not perfect — two thirds of the movie in, the pacing gets a bit erratic…

Let my try my hand at a translation: “The film met harsh criticism and disappeared from the Stockholm cinema after three and a half weeks. ‘Such deranged menstruations!’, Bo Strömstedt of the Express newspaper commented.”

Fuck you, Bo Strömstedt.

Fuck you.

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