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Freddy vs. Jason

This starts with a three minute exposition — we get Freddy’s backstory, and a kinda-sorta wink wink rationale for the movie: People have forgotten Freddy, so we need more?

Wow, they really want you to root for whomever gets to kill these guys, don’t they? It’s a Pro Freddy’n’Jason movie?

Hey, is that whatsisface? Nah, can’t be. Hm… oh yeah, he was in Scary Movie.

Lots of jump scares. People are hating on jump scares now, but I’ve never understood why. Jump scares are what horror movies were made for!

Noo! Not the generic!

OK, now it’s finally Freddy Vs. Jason!

Hey, the concept of this movie isn’t that bad — the kids really want to kill Freddy, so they’re using Jason to try to do that. While trying not to get killed by Jason at the same time. It took a while getting to that point, though…

It made money, but I guess not enough? People wondered why there wasn’t a sequel. Hm… oh, they’re saying there’s problems with the rights?

Anyway, once this finally gets going, it’s surprisingly entertaining. I guess it’s mostly due to the satisfaction of seeing these two loathed evil guys getting really trashed?

Freddy vs Jason. Ronny Yu. 2003.

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