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Escape in the Fog

That is indeed very foggy.

Ye’s inn?

Oh, she’s a war veteran.

Anyway, I bought a Boetticher bluray box set a few months back, so I thought it might be time I started watching it. I know absolutely nothing about Boetticher (can’t recall seeing his name before), and most of the movies in the box seems to be westerns, but this is a noirish thing from 1945.

Err… This box really is all westerns? So where is this movie from, then?

Aha! It’s from a Noir box set! I guess I’m watching that box set instead, then.

It’s a somewhat convoluted plot…

Very technical.

*gasp* A lady cab driver!

I dunno… I’m not feeling this movie. The plot is convoluted and simpleminded at the same time, and the performances are mostly undistinguished. Except for these foggy scenes, everything looks pretty professional? If somewhat low budgeted.

This guy (the villain) hams it up, but the rest are playing it straight.

For once, I agree with imdb.

Heh, that’s the way they used to tie up people in old comics — a mess of ropes that don’t really serve much purpose.

Hey, they’re saved by passing Chinese people!

This looks nice, and the restoration work on this is excellent, but it’s just a pretty bad movie.

Escape in the Fog. Budd Boetticher. 1945.

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