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Nothing Sacred


It’s a very advanced sitting position.

This movie is so close to being really enjoyable — it’s a zany thing about a woman running a sort of scam on everybody, but then doesn’t feel very good about it all. You know, the usual thing. And they try so hard! Especially Carole Lombard. But it never actually takes off? It remains a series of somewhat escalating but not compelling scenes?

It may just be me, though.

The director, William A. Wellman isn’t somebody I remember, but he seems to be a proper jobbie kind of director:

Etc etc. Starting in the 20s, he does like seven movies a year. And looking at this list, I have seen a few of his movies (The Ox-Box Incident, Beau Geste), and they’re pretty good?


Tough guy, see?

It’s fun, but it’s really odd. I wonder whether they didn’t quite know what to do about it all — it’s 1h13m long, which takes it into B movie territory — which is pretty unusual for such a big star as Lombard, I think? Or is it? Hm.

Anyway, it’s one of those “there’s some fun scenes” bits, so let’s go with:

Nothing Sacred. William A. Wellman. 1937.

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