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The Marvels

It’s a super-hero movie that’s just 1h44m! I didn’t know that was allowed! I thought they had to be at least two and a half hours!

I didn’t watch the Ms. Marvel tv series (after the first ep), but it seemed like an OK series. But I was disappointed that she didn’t have her embiggening powers and instead seemed to shoot some kind of energy bolt out of her hands? It seems like she’s still doing that here.

And now we’re getting a recap of Capt. Marvel’s origins…? I think I’ve seen that movie, but I remember nothing of it. Still, I don’t really feel I need a recap — she’s a super-hero; they all have an origin and they’re never interesting.

But OK, that only lasted for a couple of minutes and now there’s stuff happening! And Captain Marvel has a cat on her shoulder!!!

And and…

Wow, this really moves fast. I like it.

And it looks kinda good? Much better than most Marvel movies, at least. I mean, it’s all CGI and greenscreen, but they haven’t colour graded everything into oblivion…

Oh, this is a Palestine/Israel metaphor…

This is so entertaining! I thought super-hero movies were over? But so far, this is one of the best ones I’ve watched.

Well, I’m still not sure why this wasn’t a box office smash. But it does tease you with all these continuity things that you may or may not know. I mean, I got about half of them, but I didn’t mind the half I didn’t get? It’s like “oh yeah, there’s a history here; sounds interesting” but that didn’t detract from enjoying this very enjoyable movie?


And this movie really leans into the silliness of classic super-hero comics. It really captures the feeling of reading those comics.

Such Fury.

Oh, and they’re tying this into the Hawkeye series — the best Marvel TV series? Man. But I guess that’s never going to happen since this movie bombed:

I guess it’d have to gross around $400M to make a profit, and it didn’t do that.

Which is a shame. This movie really nails what a super-hero movie should be: Fun, action filled and inventive.

And… it looks great! So much better than most Marvel movies — it’s like if they don’t have to do 150 minutes, they can do proper CGI? And not colour grade everything into greyness?

The Marvels. Nia DaCosta. 2023.

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