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Splendor in the Grass


Oh yeah, he looks younger than usual here… for some reason I was thinking he was older.

But… they’ve cut this movie down to 16:9 from 1.85:1? WHYYYYY

Sex Ed ’61 Style

(But she’s talking about Lego, of course.)

Oh, the 24-year old Beatty is in high school. OK, now his behaviour makes more sense.

This looks like a very inefficient way to shower. I think they need more showers.



You see, Beatty is really horny. I mean, really, really. But his father doesn’t want to let get married right away…

Now, that’s a plot.

So sarcastic.

Oh, is this gonna be one of those movies where the fun older sister is killed so that Warren Beatty can learn a lesson?

I guess it is!

OK, not dead yet…

Wow, finally we have AI to answer these questions that were totally unavailable on imdb before AI…

Heh heh. All the critics agree that the major weakness in this movie is that the script is inane. So of course that’s the one Oscar it won.

Because the script is so absurd. It goes for So Much Drama all the time, but nothing much happens?

But also because the performances are so over the top — going for Dramatic Teenager and landing at w t f.

She cut her hair — the surest sign of mental instability there is!

This movie is getting worse by the minute, and it didn’t really start of well, either.

Noo! No bathing!

Dramatic lighting.

Successful casting.

Yes… hehe…

This is a really bad movie — every plot development is cringe-worthy, the performances are over the top, and the direction just isn’t there.

Splendor in the Grass. Elia Kazan. 1961.

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