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A Face in the Crowd

Wut. This DVD is in 16:9? But nobody shot in 16:9 back then (and hardly any movies are shot in that aspect ratio today), so it’s been cut down, one way or another. I’m guessing they cut the top and bottom? TSK TSK this Kazan box set, dude…

Nope! They cut the left/right edges. Wrong again!

I hate 16:9 soo muuuuuch…

Hey, is that Mercator? Hm… it’s odd, whatever the projection is. And with Australia all the way up there in Asia? And all the islands in between all smushed into one land mass? Oh yeah! I didn’t notice that the Mediterranean was smushed, too! It’s a very land-centric projection.

Hey, it’s what’s-his-name!

This is very amusing. It’s old-fashioned (duh, from 1957) media criticism… but, man, it’s early for this kind of thing. The movie makes fun of the media in a way that feels staid now, but it must have been pretty radical back then.

I think! (And perhaps why it feels staid is because it’s been copied a lot?)

I mean, it’s meant to be over the top, but the problem is — why is this guy suddenly so popular? They try to establish him as popular by making him 1) not a racist, and 2) somebody who makes fun of (some) ads, but is that enough? On the other hand, people get famous on less than that, I guess… I think it would have helped if the songs he wrote were better?

And we’ve got more than half the movie to go — it the last half going to be about how the guy is discarded by the public? That’d be typical…

The power of aerials.

so critique

He’s so horny!!!

Yeah, as I expected — the last half isn’t as much fun as the first half.

I mean, the movie is, like, correct? Everything it says about TV and politics and everything? But… is it funny? No, it’s not. “It’s funny because it’s true” is the most incorrect thing ever.

He’s an influencer.

Heh heh.

My spellchecker doesn’t recognise “influencer” as a word! I’m proud of my spellchecker!

Yeah, that’s the correct reaction to the revoltin’ plot developmints.

Fighters For Fuller… Oh! KKK. Very subtle.

It ends with what has to be a reference to A Streetcar Named Desise (but “Marcia” instead of “Stella”), which is cool.

I dunno. I really liked like about half this movie? Then the rest not so much.

A Face in the Crowd. Elia Kazan. 1957.

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