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The Flash

Should they keep shoving his face this far up into the camera? I mean, they want to make him look like a dork, but…

Anyway, I’m watching this movie (even if I’ve kinda stopped watching super-hero movies) because it got so conflicting reviews that I kinda thought that it might be interesting? It flopped majorly at the box office, presumably both from super-hero fatigue and because the DC people said “we’re rebooting the DC universe, so whatever happens in The Flash ‘doesn’t count’. I MEAN IT”S THE MOST IMPORTANT MOVIE EVER!”. Which is confusing messaging.

Oh god. This movie started off pretty amusingly, but now we’re in bad, bad CGI land. It’s supposed to look awesome, but it just looks shoddy. Especially with the awful orange palette they’ve gone with.

I guess there’s gonna be a lot of this…

… and a lot of this.

I guess I see where they were going with this — it’s a fun madcap scene, but when you’re throwing ten babies out of the window, it’s a bit eh? Eh? Do we really need to have ten babies plummeting to their deaths (to be saved by The Flash in amusing ways)?

I dunno.

Heh, well that’s a nice touch.


I think that was a lot funnier in the script than it turned out to be on the screen.

Nooo! Now we’re getting The Flash’s origin! And his childhood! Nooooo! Why can’t they just do the fun parts of super-heroing? When they have their powers and stuff? Instead we always get their traumatic, boring origins.

Oh, he was so sad that he broke into the multiverse! I hate multiverse stuff!

Well, it’s inventive…

*rolls eyes*

It’s classic multiversey stuff, and it’s kinda amusing.

That’s the problem with multiverses…

OK, now we get to the infamous final boss fight, rendered in a desert. But… it didn’t really look as bad as I expected.

And the CGI Nick Cage instead of the scenes he did for this movie.

Yes, exactly.

But… it’s not as bad as everybody says it is. It’s written mostly as a comedy, but that doesn’t really make it all of the way to the screen, I think. The goofy bits (and half of the film is goofy bits) are successful, but then you shift to these standard super-hero serious bits, and that doesn’t quite work.

Ezra Miller is really good in this; he can turn the goofy and silly up to ten at the drop of a hat. The movie is perhaps too long, but I wasn’t really bored at any point of the movie. It feels like it almost should have worked?

The Flash. Andy Muschietti. 2023.

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