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A Streetcar Named Desire

I have an Elia Kazan dvd box set, but I started watching this movie, and I though “well, this looks so bad” so I aborted and bought a bluray version instead. Which I’m watching now. And… it looks better? But it still looks pretty odd, so I guess Kazan was going for that “everything looks kinda occluded” look? I mean “only use natural lighting”. (Well, I guess there’s nothing actually “natural” about his lighting, but there isn’t a lot of it.)

I’ve seen this movie at least a couple times before, probably on TV in the 80s, and I remember really liking it as a teenager, so I was exited to watch it now with better visuals, but I guess not. But I’m still exited!


I’d totally forgotten the plot of this movie…

Wow. There are black people in New Orleans.


What a goof. Is he supposed to be developmentally challenged? I think I missed that when I saw this movie last time.

Couldn’t they have gotten a prettier baby!?

This movie is as terrific as I remembered. Is Stanley Kowalsky the most evil character in the history of movies? Has the Anti Polish Defamation League protested this movie? Or what?

It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but it’s pretty amazing.

A Streetcar Named Desire. Elia Kazan. 1951.

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