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Visages Villages

So — this is a movie jointly directed by Varda and an artist called JR. Is this the only co-director credit in her career?

It’s a lot less exacting than Varda’s earlier movies — things go in and out of focus, and the blocking is pretty random (instead of meticulous).

Heh — the concept is that they drive around in this photo booth car (that has a huge printer built in, apparently)…

… and they take pics of people like this? Well, that’s fun.

Yes, that’s Varda’s toes.

This movie is très aimable, as the say. I mean, it’s less digressive than Varda’s movies usually are — there are fewer locations, people and encounters than you’d expect from something that’s structured kind of like a road movie. It’s more… efficient? So it’s not a masterpiece or anything, but there are glimpses of brilliance, and then the rest is very amiable.

Faces Places. JR & Agnès Varda. 2017.

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