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Merrily We Go To Hell

I guess this is a pre-code movie? It seems uncensored.

But this is fantastic. It’s really melancholic. And no swelling orchestration, which is unusual for 1932.

That’s a nice set.

Is that a real dog?

Very Lynch.

It’s quite a strange movie.

The first fifteen minutes were ingenious, but now the tensions has kinda dissipated — it’s basically just going to be about this drunk who’s marrying this woman? And it’s about him being a drunk?

That’s no fun.

No! Now she’s starting to drink, too! They’re both going merrily to hell! Except for them both being depressed and not merry!

He said the line.

Hey! It’s Cary Grant! In a very small role.

Wise words.

Well… this started so well, and then it’s just kinda boring.

But all the critics like it, so don’t mind me.

Merrily We Go To Hell. Dorothy Arzner. 1932.

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