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7 P., cuis., s. deb… (A SAISIR)

Let’s see… I’m guessing… 7 pieces (rooms), cuisine (kitchen)… er… s deb? Dunno. To let?

So — we’re shown a lot of empty rooms… and then an imaginary version of how they might look when they’re furnished?

But there’s also a narrative here…

Yum yum!

Heh heh.

Well, that is memorable.

Yum yum.

I think this might be a dream sequence.

It’s a pretty intriguing short (well, it’s a long short), but it feels a bit unresolved? There’s a number of striking images, but also some that don’t feel that successful. And the storyline is pretty vague…

It’s pretty good, I guess?

7 P., cuis., s. deb… (A SAISIR). Agnès Varda. 1984.

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