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Excess Baggage

Ethereum? This movie is ahead of its time!

Oh, there’s that guy…

And Christopher Walken!

I have no idea why I have this blu ray, but I do, so something must have made me buy it. It’s made by the distinguished director of Demolition Man (and who has apparently never done a feature film after this).

It’s a comedy? But it’s really unfunny?

Oh, there’s that guy… er… was he in Buffy? Oh, er, Will & Grace?

High praise:

I don’t think it was a fabulous film by any means but compare it to Batman and Robin? Speed 2? Its not as bad as that!

Well that’s odd — why isn’t there a tomatometer number here? It has more than 30 reviews…

All the negative ones are empty? Haven’t seen that before. Technical glitch?

This movie is really tedious, as you may have guessed from my googling…

Ah right:

This was the first film produced by Alicia Silverstone under her production company First Kiss. Benicio del Toro was handpicked for his role by Silverstone after she had seen his 1995 film The Usual Suspects.

This is so awful I have to bail at 40 minutes in.

Excess Baggage. Marco Brambilla. 1997.

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