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This is pretty amusing. I’m not really digging the colour grading on this (everything except the reds is given a greyish desaturated treatment), but it’s engaging.

So this is a comedy about a young criminal in Germany trying to avoid getting sent to Senegal by marrying some German… I guess it’s a screwball comedy?

Heh heh heh classic. It’s basically the same plot as the Sandra Bullock vehicle The Proposal, if I remember correctly… Or the Andie MacDowell movie Green Card? But with the twist that he marries a guy (and neither are gay).

Gotta adjust the decor.

This is not gonna end well! I think there’s gonna be a really depressing third act…

I think I kinda guessed right — it’s not as depressing as it could have been, but it’s pretty depressing. Gotta have that third act that All Serious or it’s not a Proper Movie.

In a way, it’s a surprisingly traditional movie — it reiterates the plot from the previous movie in that you absolutely can’t cheat the system (if I remember those previous movies correctly). And it also does some odd choices — like not having the guy try to get a job or something (no matter where he is).

The first two thirds of this movie are a lot of fun, but the third act, man…

Toubab. Florian Dietrich. 2021.

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