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Call Her Savage

Very risque.

Is that a matte painting? Hm… Can it be?

That’s one weird-ass god.

I’m guessing that this is a pre-Hayes movie?

Well, I dunno… I mean, I haven’t seen that many movies with Clara Bow (the ‘it’ girl of the silents), and I guess that’s she’s fine here, but the movie kinda meanders weirdly — it seems so formless. We were presented first with one situation (which turned out to be her childhood, being attacked by Savages (I mean Native Americans)), and then another situation 18 years later (which I thought would be the movie), but then we move even later and that seems to be what the movie is really about?

That is, it took a long time to get to the actual plot, and by the time that happened, I’d rather lost interest…

It feels kinda clumsy.

The directory is John Francis Dillon who’s made dozens and dozens of movies — but this is one of his last movies (he died two years later).

Haven’t heard of any of those.

Oh, and Clara Bow only did one movie after this one.

Not only is it a gay bar (the first in a film, according to wikipedia)…

… but it’s a communist gay bar! Wonderful!

Well, I dunno. I don’t think it works? It’s kinda “eeeh” on so many planes at the same time.

Call Her Savage. John Francis Dillon. 1932.

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