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Star in the Night

Oh, it’s the Xmas story, but with three cowboys as the kings?

OK, this is pretty lame. It’s slathered in sentimental music, and the performances are thirsty for scenery. I mean, it’s an Xmas short, so both of those things might be perfectly fine, but somehow here it’s just annoying.

Finally we have Jesus’ parents. (They’re Mexican, as you can see.)

So this guy is an angel, huh?

It’s pretty absurd — they’re apparently not allowed to say that Mary I mean Maria is giving birth, so whenever this woman tells people that, she whispers into their ears so the audience can’t hear something as offensive as “she’s giving birth”.

It’s also a kind of … reversal of the Xmas story? Everybody that hears that Mary I mean Maria is giving birth, they do their utmost to help, which is kinda the opposite of the original story, isn’t it? So I guess this is just a kinda anti-Semitic movie, right?

I mean, it’s pretty affecting… But is it good? Eh.

Star in the Night. Don Siegel. 1945.

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