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Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

Hey, this starts off pretty cool… like something resembling a real nightmare.

Heh heh.

Anyway, this is directed by Rachel Talalay, who’d produced two of the previous movies, and been involved with the production from the start. I’m assuming that after the fifth (disastrous) movie, she went “fuck it I’ll direct it myself”?

The previous movie had a budget of $6M and made $22M, and this has a budget of $11M (and you can immediately tell) and made $34M. But oddly enough, it’s the final “real” Nightmare on Elm Street movie (although there’s one more movie in this box set).

Well, this movie started off very well, but the tension has kinda dissipated. I can see what they’re going for: More humour (and not just Freddy doing quips), and also a more dream-like atmosphere throughout. Which is a good idea. And this is definitely better than the previous movie, but…

I think we’ve all had that experience when using maps.

OK, that was the most original kill in the series.

Oh right, the last part of this movie is supposed to be in 3D… which this isn’t.

So they’re showing us these things that are supposed to be all 3D-ey, and it’s not as exciting in 2D, I guess.

Heh heh. (Uncredited.)

It’s one of the better movies in the series, I think? Or… I mean, it’s mostly kinda boring, but it really tries to make the whole “mythology” make sense, and to be original, and it kinda succeeds. It’s pretty entertaining. And also kinda boring.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy’s Dead. Rachel Talalay. 1991.

The director is saying that since they had to shoot the end in 3D, they were severely limited in what kind of effects they could do… which explains why the end is kinda lame (while the first two thirds are kinda cool).

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