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This looks uncannily like a late 70s British movie… but it’s from 1999?

Wow, that’s some way to start a movie…

Well, I guess it’s set in the 70s, so there’s a reason it looks like a late 70s movie.

It’s grim up north.

The actors are absolutely amazing — even the actors manage to be period perfect — but this is a harrowing film to watch. Something horrible is gonna happen in every scene, it seems like.

I think the moral of this movie might be that kids should never be unsupervised, and that it’s probably better if they just stay in and play video games instead of mingling with each other.

Oh god, something even more horrible is going to happen!

I had to take a short break here to get dinner started, but mostly because I really don’t wanna see what happens next…


Well that was unexpected.

Look, this is obvious a great movie, but watching this is worse than watching Saw IV: It’s just painful. It’s brutal.

But great!

Which is almost the same reaction I had to We Need to Talk About Kevin (also by Ramsay). This is a better movie, and even more heartbreaking.

Ratcatcher. Lynne Ramsay. 1999.

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