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Everyday Something

There’s frequently shorts included on the disks I buy, but I usually don’t watch them while watching the main feature. Not quite sure why… it’s like “oh, I’m done with that! next!” when I’m watching a movie.

But I’ve marked all these films as “mostly-seen” instead of “seen”, meaning that there’s stuff I might want to watch later. So… why not start watching these things now? Right? Perhaps a couple of days of shorts. Or not, depending on whether I get bored or have other things to do.

So here’s the first one: A short included on the Alcohol Years DVD.

This movie is a bunch of short vignettes illustrating headlines from British tabloids? I guess that’s a concept.

Like this one is based on “Her husband was granted divorce yesterday after complaining that his wife was moving furniture around in their house for 30 years.” So it’s these slightly absurd things, many of which live on in memes.

And many of them seem like urban legends.

But it’s amusing, I guess… And it tries to add some gravitas.

Everyday Something. Carol Morley. 2002.

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