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Les nuits de la pleine lune

That’s a very grey room.

Anyway, this is my next-to-last Rohmer movie, and it’s an unusually high concept movie for Rohmer — I mean, it’s pretty explicit in the (moral) dilemma it presents, instead of having it be slowly revealed over the course of the movie.

Finally, some real literature!

That’s a very hairy coat… very nice.

Finally, some real literature.

She’s got the best taste — Moebius and Herriman.

It’s a gripping movie in many ways, but it seems so… didactic? Rohmer’s movies are usually more surprising than this: Here he sets up a situation where everybody goes “well, that’s not gonna work”, and then at the end we see that, indeed, it doesn’t work.

It’s like he’s going “see? SEE!?!?!”

Still, it’s pretty compelling.

Full Moon in Paris. Éric Rohmer. 1984.

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