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The Little Hours

Noo! I hate the Decameron! But perhaps this’ll be a savage takedown!

Hm… still not sure…

Hey, it’s her!

I think it’s most of Baena’s troupe — so I guess he just got all his friends together and they went to Italy and made a little movie?

It’s pretty funny, and I have no idea where any of this is going. Which I like.

So… was this made by riffing on a few of the stories from the Decameron? It seems pretty improvised — that is, it has jokes, and they’re amusing, but they’re the kind any reasonably amusing group of people could come up with on the spot.

I’m so smart SMRT:

The screenplay is based on the first and second tales of the third day in The Decameron, a collection of novellas by Giovanni Boccaccio; however, the dialogue was improvised.

And it’s one of those films that the critics liked, but audiences loathed, I guess.

Yeah, I dunno. Perhaps you have to be Catholic to feel the sacrilisciousness of it all? It’s not that there aren’t fun bits, but… I’m also just kinda bored? I mean, it’s a goofy unpretentious little movie, but it could have had more zip. More and better jokes.

I almost feel guilty that I didn’t like this movie more, because it seems like everybody had a good time, and it’s got a lot of cute ideas. But nope — I was mostly bored. Sorry! I think it’d totally be a better movie if you were stoned.

The Little Hours. Jeff Baena. 2017.

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