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I don’t know quite what made me buy this bluray, but that’s not unusual. It’s on Criterion, so perhaps I just clicked “buy” at random…

Anyway, this is a very 70s American indyish movie (but apparently released by Warner Brothers)? I think I can see some Chantal Akerman influences here, but it really seems very American so far…

I mean, all these dramatic camera angles? (That I’m not sure works.)

And the over-the-top drama… So perhaps there’s no Akerman influence at all, really.

But I’m enjoying the movie so far.

Nice colour.

The cabbie tells it like it is.

The focus on this movie is just odd — the protagonist is usually slightly blurry… is that supposed to be symbolic?

Hey! She’s suddenly in focus! After she got a new hairdo.

Now it’s soft again, so perhaps it wasn’t symbolic.

You tell ’em!

Well, she looks very familiar.


Yup, still random shots out of focus…

The story here is pretty normal — young, struggling artist in New York bla bla — but it’s really done in a convincing way. It feels very young and vibrant? I really liked it.

Girlfriends. Claudia Weill. 1978.

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